HEY! My name's Carlos...
Yup that's me. Professional transgirl lesbian with fries on the side. I'm a blkntv 16 year old and I use he/ey. Also I'm autistic to hell and back.. I have special interests in canines, weaponry, dancing and god of war unfortunately. I like splatoon, gk and roblox too. Oh also I'm an introject oops.

Oh yeah I'm disabled and yes I'm a system host you will never catch me talking about it publicly. However some of them wanted a page on this neocities so... this is the only exception :^)

Btw white people dni (ignore if I follow first) and proship kys. Other than that idgaf I'll just block if you're annoying

I spend most of my day talking to my girlfriend... which is why I don't tweet a lot. I love her so much